The Super Tutor



I’ve put my seven best lessons in a book, to show children and adults what is taught at Winchester, Eton and the other great public schools (which is also what you need to know to get into one!)


THE SUPER TUTOR by Joe Norman – The best education money can buy in seven short chapters


What do you remember from your school days? Analysing poems that didn’t make sense? The dreaded set texts?


The Super Tutor celebrates the love of learning things for their own sake. Drawing on 15 years of tutoring, Joe Norman offers seven lessons 
that will stay with you for life – how to tell a story, how to structure an argument, how to read a poem, how to think…
Whether you are still a student or long finished with formal education, this book will build your confidence and remind you of the real purpose of learning: to fill your head with things that are useful, or beautiful, or hopefully both



‘Highly entertaining, wise (i.e. I agree with almost all of it) and heartening.’ – former Undermaster (Deputy headmaster) of WInchester College


‘It is really valuable… the light but purposeful tone keeps the reader amused and engaged throughout.’’ – former Head of English at Winchester College


‘An educational blast… Joe Norman reminds you of those exceptional teachers who kindled a passion in you for life.’ – Harry Mount, author of Amo, Amas, Amat and All That 


‘Lively, readable and really very important…offers a change in mindset to that expected of those children enjoying a top public school education – and that could potentially benefit all children without exception.’ – prep school librarian


‘Swashbuckling’ – Book Buoy, bookseller



My book The Super Tutor, published by Short Books, contains my best seven lessons – well worth a look for students and parents alike. Amazon link to buy here


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