Tutoring Philosophy

The top schools are looking for pupils who are both interested and interesting, and I try to show my students that those things are one and the same. Tutorials are relaxed and fun, although I ask my students a lot of difficult questions. I’ve been tutoring a long time so I’m quick to identify problems, and ways to solve them. Likewise I take care to look at what they’re already doing right and praise good work fulsomely. I get on well with my students because I treat them with the same respect as I would an adult. Rapport is really important.


Two-thirds of my Winchester and Eton candidates are successful, which means my help doubles their chances, roughly speaking. There are two reasons my candidates consistently beat the odds: my knowledge and experience of these schools; and my ability to convey to students the joy of disinterested learning. These schools are above all seeking children who love to learn things for their own sake, and not for extrinsic, instrumental reasons like grades, praise, rewards or even these coveted places themselves. Ironically, the only reliable driver of success in these exams and interviews is a love of disinterested learning. And this is what I teach.



How it works

Everything can be tailored to suit a student, and their needs. I specialise in English, Maths, Latin, pre-tests, interview practice, creative writing, essay writing, exam technique, and scholarship General Papers. I love setting homework and I’ll mark anything one of my students writes. 


I often work from scholarship papers from the schools my students are applying for, whether or not they mean to sit these exams formally. These contain the most difficult and interesting questions, and preparing at this higher level means my candidates are rarely caught off-guard by trickier questions in their tests and interviews at these schools. It’s also more fun for them – honestly! See my blog for a sense of what this means in practice.


I’m always interested in what they’re reading and what they like to do outside class. Reading books and pursuing hobbies are grist to the mill of interview preparation – what does she get excited about, what’s he read recently? – because it gives them something to talk about with knowledge and confidence.




I teach online and in person. Lessons range from 1hr to 3hrs (with breaks!) Online tutorials cost £200 an hour. In person tutorials are by arrangement.



Please get in touch to book a lesson or discuss your child’s needs at [email protected]. Or feel free to call on 07742 659082.



“Joseph was tutoring my son towards the scholarship examination at Winchester College. Joseph helped my son tremendously in a short period of time, unlocked his potential, stimulated his independent thinking and worked with him on essay writing and exam technique. He was a very supportive and inspirational tutor. My son achieved great results working with Joseph and was awarded a scholarship. We couldn’t have done it without him.”    – Olga 


“Joe helped our son with admissions tests for Eton, Winchester & Harrow. Our son, who is normally, a quiet, shy character, blossomed under his tutelage and we saw him grow in confidence and consequently was in a better position when attending admissions interviews. Joe has immense patience and quickly formed a rapport with our son.” – Abi  


“Our 13-year old son was due to take the Challenge scholarship exam at Westminster School but his English grade was not award level. Over a course of a few sessions, Joe succeeded in igniting his interest in poetry and creative writing, while also providing him with a set of practical tools. Joe managed to propel his grade to an “”A””. Whether taking scholarship or entry exams to a top academic school, if a capable child needs an edge in his/her performance to set them apart, Joe is the perfect tutor.”   – Marina 


“Joe spent a few sessions to brush up our son for Winchester College assessment. Joe is truly inspirational in that he was able to spark a curiosity for learning through interesting lessons. We got an offer from Win Coll last night and my son said, “”Joe put me into 5th gear””. I think, it really helped our son’s confidence to deal with assessment day. Highly recommended for targeted tutoring.”     – Vikram 


“Joe has been instrumental in our son’s success in securing a 13+ place at the school of his choice. Apart from the senior school entry process, we feel that our son has benefited in many more ways from his teaching. Joe’s approach has definitely influenced the way he learns and, more importantly, his curiosity for learning. We are confident that the tools Joe has provided him with will stand him in good stead for years to come. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joe!”            – Neepa 


“Just a few sessions with Joe helped our son gain two academic scholarships to Eton and Brighton College. I was drawn to his laid-back style of teaching as the last thing my son wanted was constant past paper drilling. They spoke… current events, literature, politics, moral dilemmas. Intertwined with advice on pitfalls to avoid during exams, effective answer technique and how to cut to the chase for maximum effect, it made for sessions my son enjoyed and actually looked forward to. Past papers were done in our own time and Joe gave comprehensive feedback. We were thrilled with Joe before we even knew the results. Many thanks.”   – Lorraine 


“Our son loved his lessons with Joe so even when all the tests were done he still wanted them to continue. He opened our son’s mind to literature and was very generous in sharing his love of learning. Joe always goes beyond what is necessary to pass and into the joy. What more could you ask for?”  – Kay 


“Joe visited our daughter for an 11+ interview technique session. Joe helped her to articulate her interests and abilities in an interesting way that resulted in scholarships from all the schools she applied to. Our daughter really enjoyed her time with Joe.”        – Louise

I teach boys and girls, but I specialise in admissions to the four top boys’ schools –  Winchester and Eton, Westminster and St Paul’s. It’s hugely competitive, but I have a success rate around double the usual one. In part this is because I actually went to one of these four schools, so I know exactly what they’re looking for in a candidate – in two words


intellectual curiosity.


Learning, like TS Eliot said, ‘must be difficult’. It should be fun, too. Part of my job is convincing my students that ‘fun’ and ‘difficult’ are not only co-existent, but are almost coterminous. Easy work is boring work. Seven students of mine have won scholarships to Winchester, Westminster and Eton in the past seven years.